Bundle stool engages the user by moving and shifting to each individual’s shape. Bundle, which is made from Pine and foam, plays with the idea of people’s assumptions on how materials should feel.

Debuted at ICFF 2011 at the  Pratt Institute + Cappellini booth.

Perpetual Motion

Pratt Institute + Cappellini

"Pratt's industrial design program partnered with Italian furniture design firm Cappellini on the Perpetual Motion furniture design studio, which challenged students to create boldly disruptive pieces intended to move the dynamism of design into the future. 

Through its partnership and active engagement in the students' creative process, Cappellini, a recognized champion of cutting-edge design with a reputation for identifying rising-star, is playing an important role in nurturing and supporting the world-class talent that is continuously being developed at the Institute." 



After doing numerous sketches of different base variations, I decided the best base was no base. I wanted to make the stool visually simple and unassuming, completing the illusion. 

Interview at ICFF 

Video by Lloyd Adler

Final Prototype

The design breaks the user's expectations of the wood being hard and uncomfortable by becoming surprisingly soft and malleable.

Photo credits: Armando Rafael