hollow scoop

The scoop was designed with the goal of using only one manufacturing method, which in this case was metal spinning. This method naturally creates a vessel and therefore the scoop would be hollow.  This scoop can hold more dirt or other loose materials without spilling.  

Local manufacturing

Francisco from IRCA Metals in Greenpoint, Brooklyn spinning the initial shape of the scoop.

Before and after

Original shape of the vessel and the shape after the profile is cut out.

Final product

Anodized black aluminum scoop

Other iterations

After designing and making the prototype of Cavo, I wanted to explore the possibilities of this form. I decided to design another version that would be smaller and act as a funnel for kitchen use. There would be a silicone cap that you could use when just scooping things normally. When you want to use it as a funnel, you can easily scoop and then take out the cap. 

Silicone cap design

This is one iteration of the cap designs for the funnel. The ridges in the cap would act as barriers to keep liquid from coming out of the funnel. The hole at the end would be used to put a loop through for storage and for ease of pulling the cap out.